With summer just a week or two away. People all over Philadelphia will soon be flocking to bars and beer gardens. Whether it be happy hour after work on a Thursday or a Sunday fun day to top off the weekend, in the City of Brotherly Love, there are a ton of different of establishments to choose from. We here at Albright Real Estate, the top real estate agent in Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding area, are always looking for the hot new places in Philly. Keep an eye out for these bars to enjoy a nice beer out in the summer sun.

Front Street Cafe
Located in the popular streets of Fishtown, Front Street Cafe is the perfect getaway for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The outback dining area featuring farm-to-table vegan options
is the perfect place for a meal during the summer months. Their elegant menu combined with European beer options make Front Street Cafe is a must try for those in the area.

Located nine stories above the Ben Franklin Parkway atop The Logan, Assembly is the perfect place for those looking to unwind and have their breath taken away by the views of Philadelphia. Their menu of top-shelf cocktails, wines by the bottle and finger foods help set the mood while taking in the view.

City Tap House
From the parkway to University City, there is always something good on across Philadelphia. Our next spot takes us to the City Tap House. Their rooftop dining area is a perfect spot for brunch in the afternoon or drinks on a Saturday night. With over dozens of beers on top and an award-winning menu, the City Tap House is a must visit for anyone in town.

Sky Garten
No, not sky garden. Sky Garten takes bar-goers 51 stories into the Center City sky for cold drinks, a great bar menu of food and unbeatable views. Sitting atop Three Logan, Sky Garten offers views of the entire city. Perfect for small groups to big parties, Sky Garten is sure to be everyone’s summer spot this year.

Those who aren’t in the Philadelphia area and feel left out have come to the right place. As the leading real estate agent in Philadelphia, PA, Matt Albright of Alright Real Estate has experience helping those move in or out of the city. Give us a call today at 267-246-5406 to get started finding your dream home.