When it comes to real estate, deciding when to buy a house is vital. The month you purchase a home in has a lot to do with your current financial status, family, willingness to relocate, and more.

As your Philadelphia real estate agent can probably tell you, the summer months are the most popular time to buy a new home. As soon as April rolls around, you can see the listings piling up–but why?

The numbers don’t lie. People in Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery County typically contact their real estate agent around this time of year because of the appeal that the season brings. Here are just a few reasons why now is the perfect time to start shopping:

Why look at houses for sale in Montgomery County now?

1. There’s more inventory.
Spring motivates everyone to get out there and start searching–and sellers notice that. Since this season is such a popular time for real estate in Bucks County, agents are always finding new listings.

2. Perfect house-hunting weather.
Who wants to trudge through the snow while looking for a house? Especially in Philadelphia, houses for sale can be much harder to access in the winter months. In late spring, you can walk around, explore the area, and enjoy everything that your possible new neighborhood has to offer this season.

3. Houses look their best.
Because of the weather, houses look the most appealing in spring. If you are approaching a house that is covered in snow, you won’t get the full effect. But in spring, the flowers are blooming and the grass is green. This gives you an accurate representation of how your house can look in the coming years.

4. You may have some extra money.
The holiday season is over, you just received your tax return, and vacation season isn’t quite here yet. That makes late spring and early summer the best time for your wallet. You don’t have to worry about buying presents or any other end-of-the-year investments, so you can focus your attention on purchasing a home.

5. Your family will thank you.
Late spring and early summer are the best times for families to shop for homes together. The kids are out of school, so you don’t have to look without them or stress about moving them in the middle of the school year. You can find the perfect home, settle in, and get acclimated all before they go back to school.

Now you can fully see why now is the perfect time to start looking at houses for sale near Bucks County. But don’t wait too long, because the best houses are going fast. To find the ideal home for you and your family in Bucks, Montgomery, or Philadelphia County, contact Albright Real Estate today to get started.