They say there’s no “right” time to do anything, especially when a big decision is involved. However, when it comes to buying a home, there actually is a right time — and it’s now. After all, the new year is a perfect time for fresh starts. So why wait to take advantage of all the real estate market has to offer?


Start the new year off on the right foot by making a big move and purchasing your next home. Not only will your family thank you, but your wallet will too. Here are five more reasons to consider buying a new home this winter.


  1. You Could Save BIG Money This Month

December is perhaps the best month to buy a house. The volume of buyers is pretty low right now since people don’t want to move all their belongings when it’s cold outside. Therefore, sellers receive the lowest premium around this time — and the lower the premium, the cheaper your house could be. Statistically, home prices are lowest in the winter. So if you’re trying to settle in your new home for a steal, then this season could be your best bet.


  1. There’s Little Competition

To be honest, there aren’t too many people looking to buy homes around the holidays. During this time of year, more people are spending their time holiday shopping, baking cookies, and  going to events with the family. A huge financial decision isn’t necessarily at the forefront of anyone’s mind right now.


However, this could be a great thing for you. If you’re considering buying a home now, you’ll have significantly less competition for homes than you would if you tried to buy at any other time of the year. Don’t worry about bidding for your dream home, because chances are that there won’t be too many people in your way.


  1. Sellers Are Trying to Start Their New Years Off Right, Too

Sellers can tend to get a little desperate around this time of year. Like you, they’re also trying to start off their new year well. Maybe a new job is waiting for them a state away, or maybe they’re settling into the next town over. Either way, they need to sell their house NOW, which means that they may be willing to bend the price a little to get the place off of their hands.


  1. No Worries About Negotiations

There aren’t many people shopping for homes, and sellers are waiting for people to swoop in — so since it’s a slow time of year, you should have no problem getting what you want. Basically, you’re in power when you buy a home this time of year. You can avoid negotiating with realtors, sellers, and competing buyers so that you can settle in your new home as soon as possible for the best price.


  1. Get Access to Professionals

Movers, inspectors, and mortgage brokers aren’t necessarily busy right now. During slow months like December, they don’t have much on their plate. Therefore, you can have them all to yourself. Save time on trying to find a professional that isn’t booked yet — because chances are, most of them won’t be flooded with other prospects until springtime. So go ahead, take your pick.


  1. See the House at Face Value

It’s easy to dress up a home in any of the three other seasons — fall brings beautiful leaves, spring brings flowers, and summer brings brightness. But in the winter, homes can look somewhat drab. The conditions outside aren’t ideal, so there won’t be any way for sellers to deceive you as you take a look at the house. In the winter, what you see is typically what you get with a home.


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